Rosegolden Flowers / Mandy Busby Photo

Welcome to Rosegolden. My name is Holly Carlisle. In one way or another I’ve been working with brides for about 15 years. I studied art in school and always hoped to become a working artist. It was a journey. I began as a makeup artist which led me to styling – wardrobe and hair. But it was in working with flowers that I discovered my calling. Flowers are wonderful communicators.  I love the way they tell a story, set a mood, create an environment. It’s magical and it won my heart.

I have a similar soft spot for brides. I love how every bride is different – each has a unique story to tell on her wedding day. I adore the way that flowers help to bring that story to life. I’d love to talk to you about the creative direction of your event. I hope you will reach out to me with any and all inquiries. I am based in Birmingham, Alabama but go where the flowers take me. Cheers!

We are very grateful for the permission to use the work of many talented photographers and credit them within our blog posts. We would like to thank Odalys Mendez,  The Reason I Love,  Mandy BusbyLeslie Hollingsworth, Rylee Hitchner and 509 Photo for allowing us to use their work on our main slideshow.